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JUA Congress 2013, Bangkok
Date : Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The President / General Secretary,
All affiliated JUA Member Federations / Associations

Dear Friends,

The JUA Congress will be held on 17th April 2013 from 10.a.m. at Imperial Queen Park Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.

The Agenda of the JUA Congress is attached for your information please.

All the members are requested to send their representatives to  attend the JUA Congress on 17th April 2013, at Bangkok.

With best regards,

Mukesh KUMAR
General Secretary,
Judo Union of Asia
Tel.: + 91 11 23559311
Fax.: + 91 – 11 – 23558131
Mobile: + 91 9818353870
Email: mukeshgtjua@bol.net.in



File : Agenda of the JUA Congress