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    JUA Statutes

Article 17 - Events organized and recognized by the JUA

17.1 Right to organize
The right to organize the Asian Championships and continental events will only be granted to those Member National Federations which are able to guarantee entry into their territory of all participants of Member National Federations wishing to participate and which have proven that they are competent to organize such Championships and events.
Member National Federations must agree to comply with the specifications and all rules applicable to the championship they host.
JUA events are composed of the judo events at the Asian Games, The Asian Championships and the tournaments and events recorded on the official JUA Schedule published from time to time.

17.2 Candidacy
All member National Federations shall have the right to apply as a candidate to organize an JUA event, other than the Asian Games, the Asian Senior Championships and the Ordinary Congress. National Federations which are candidates must apply to the General Secretariat as defined in the relevant Regulations.
The EC shall designate the organizer, except for the Asian Games, the Asian Senior  Championships and the hosting of the Ordinary Congress.
The Congress shall designate the organizing country for the Asian Senior Championships and the Ordinary Congress.

17.3 Candidacy after expiration of deadline for applications
If there is no candidate to host a particular JUA event scheduled to take place prior to the holding of a Congress, the EC shall appoint the Member National Federation to organize the event.

17.4 Application Procedure to organize the Asian Senior Championships or the JUA Ordinary Congress
Member National Federations must submit an application to organize the Asian Senior Championships and/or the JUA Ordinary Congress one hundred and eighty (180) clear days prior to the relevant Congress to the General Secretary who shall forward the applications to all EC Members.  The application must contain a file giving a detailed description to support the candidacy.  After examining the quality of the applications, the EC shall submit those application files which comply with the specifications to the Congress.

17.5 Application procedure to organize all JUA events other than the Asian Games, the Asian Senior Championships and the JUA Ordinary Congress
Member National Federations must submit an application to organize a JUA event within the time limit set by the EC to organize a JUA event other than the Asian Senior Championships, the JUA Ordinary Congress and the Asian Games.
The EC shall provide applicant Federations with an answer within the time limits it has set in the Regulations organizing the application procedure.
For each event, the EC shall inform all Member Federations via the JUA Web Site of the specifications for the event, as well as the regulations organizing the application procedure containing the time limit to file applications and to receive an answer from the EC on the application.

Article 18 - Spirit of Judo
Delegations participating in JUA events or in events recognized by the JUA, as well as the organizers of such events must respect the spirit of Judo and behave accordingly.

Article 19 - Accounting Period
The financial, tax and accounting period of the JUA shall start on 1 January and end on 31 December each year, however, audited Financial accounts may be submitted until the preceding month of the JUA Congress.
Article 20 - Income and Expenditures

20.1 Resources
The resources of the JUA shall be derived from the annual membership fees paid by the Member National Federations, TV broadcasting rights, sponsorship agreements, marketing of activities, visuals, merchandise and JUA license fees, investments in moveable and immoveable property, as well as donations and all remittances from other sources.
The JUA may also benefit from contributions in kind, such as equipment and the services of personnel made available by other organizations.
In addition, the JUA may collect royalties for participation in and organization of JUA events.

20.2 Membership Fees
The Members of the JUA are liable for the payment of membership fees directly to the JUA.  The amount of the membership fees shall be proposed by the JUA EC and submitted to the Congress for approval.
In the event a member of the JUA has not paid its membership fees within the required time limit, the JUA reserves the right to deduct this amount in a manner it may so decide.

20.3 Non-payment of membership fees, all other fees, royalties or debts
A Member Federation whose membership fees or any other fees, royalties or debts to the JUA which they belong have not been paid by the 31st of May of each year, will not be authorized to take part in the Asian Games, Asian  Championships or any other event held under the auspices of the JUA.

20.4 Out-of-pocket expenses
The elected representatives of the JUA shall offer their services without pay. Their travel and living expenses, as well as a per diem for personal expenses, will be borne by the JUA during all official meetings and missions, with the exception of meetings or missions for which expenses are borne by another organization.

20.5 Rights to events
JUAevents are the exclusive property of the JUA, which holds all rights related to such events, including without limitation, all rights related to the organization, exploitation, broadcasting and reproduction of such events by any means whatsoever.

20.6 Media rights
All television, radio, photographic, film, Internet, telephone and other media rights to JUA events known of or unknown of today are the exclusive property of the JUA. These rights may not be sold or negotiated without the written agreement of the EC, which may delegate its powers to negotiate the sale or use of these rights, but which shall retain the sole responsibility for the final decision to sell and for the use of the income from the sale of these rights.

20.7 Emblem

All Logo  rights (copyright) of the JUA are owned by the JUA. Member National Federations are authorized to use the emblem only for the purpose of developing judo in their own Federations .

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