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    JUA F A Procedure

3.5. Sponsorship Income

Income from the sponsor of the Championship Games The eligibility of sponsor or products is limited to a confirmed, internationally acceptable company or products.

•  Endorsement Income

Income from the endorsement of judo equipment such as tatami, scoreboard, judogi, sportswear or other judo materials.

3.7. IJF Dan Certificate and Diploma

Dan certificates are issued by UF with the signature of the President. National Federation shall request JUA for the issuance of the Dan Certificate by sending application form including the fee (US $20.00 per certificate) to the General Treasurer.

The General Secretary of IJF sends a certain number of blank, signed Dan Certificates to JUA; The President of JUA with the assistance of the General Secretary handles all the necessary procedure for issuing the Dan Certificate to the applicant.

The JUA closes the books at the end of each calendar year and transfers $10.00 per certificate issued during the year with all details to the General Secretary of IJF and the General Treasurer of IJF. JIIA charges the member Federations US $10.00 for handling expense for the Dan Certificate.

Diploma for referee is issued by IJF or JUA with the signature of the respective President at the request of the Refereeing Director. In such case, IJF or JUA may charge the referee fee for the issuance of diploma upon the approval of DC.

3.8. Publication Income

(i) Income from sales of Handbook or other printed matter

(ii) Income from sales of video tapes published by JLJA

(iii) Income from the copyright of the video tapes published by the third party

All of the net profit (All the advertising income plus selling price of the handbooks minus total expense of printing, handling and shipping) from the publications of Handbooks and video tapes and copyright income from the video tapes is deposited into JUA fund and its appropriation is decided by DC.

•  Emblem Income

Copyright Income from the third party who is using the JUA Emblem for commercial purpose.

3.10. Other Income

(i) Donations from National Federations, individuals or businesses

(ii) Interest income from bank deposit

(iii) Other income

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