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    JUA F A Procedure
  1. Expense
4.1. General

4.1.1. The basic principle is to minimize expense and maximize efficiency.

4.1.2. NA does not employ anyone and does not pay wages in any form.

4.1.3. NA will compensate for actual expenses which occurs in connection with JUA functions.

4.1.4. The standard for traveling, accommodations and allowances is determined by position and function, with approval of DC.

4.1, 5. The quantity standard for traveling, accommodations and allowances is determined on the basis of economy and efficiency.

4.1.6. All expense payments are made either by check, credit card or bank transfer except for allowances which is paid in cash.

4.1.7. If recipient wants expense payment in cash, one must ask in advance to the General Treasurer.

4.1.8. All expenses are paid upon presentation of original invoice, receipt or voucher.

4.1.9. In case of time difference caused by mailing, one can present a photo copy or fax copy of the original and later present the original.

4.1.10. Asian Games Commissioner's expenses should be paid by his National Federation or Asian Games Organization Committee. If he is asked by the President to attend official business relating to the next Asian Games, he will be paid on the same basis as a DC member for the expense.

4.1.11. Expenses of the Administrative Secretary to the President and the General Secretary are paid the same as a DC member for the hotel accommodation.

4.1.12. If two or more events are held simultaneously or consecutively, they are counted as one event for expense calculation.

4.1.13. If a JUA member's traveling or accommodation expense is paid by a third party, the difference between the smaller third party payment and the amount calculated on the basis of this procedure may be reimbursed by NA.

4.1.14. In this case, the member must state reasons for traveling and present proper documents for reimbursement

4.2. Office Expense

4.2.1, Each office shall receive office expenses in accordance with the Budget.

4.2.2. The first half of the payment must be transferred as soon as the budget is approved at the DC Meeting and the second half must be transferred by the same day of the next year.

4.2.3. Except in the case of the General Secretary, the receipts from the head of each office are treated as proper accounting documents; i.e., each office should not present detailed accounting document such as invoices or ledgers. However, the DC has right to demand presentation of an origina ~ receipt.

4.2.4. The office of General Treasurer must keep the records of all cash income and cash payment.


4.3. Traveling Expenses

4.3. JUA arranges air traveling or reimburses for air tickets to the members when they travel for JUA events or NA related events only in Tourist Class and through the General Treasurer.

4.3.2. in case that a member who by acceptab[e reason needs to arrange his / her own airline schedule, he/she must send the original ticket invoice from ar. IATA approved travel agency or airline to the General Treasurer two weeks before the event for reimbursement.

Upon receipt of the documents, the Generai Treasurer transfers the amount through the bank to the member's or the agency's account.

4.3.3. The General Treasurer shall arrange a round-trip air ticket for the appointed member to carry out duty in an event and send it to him / her. In order to achieve maximum iscount, the carrier, route and timing shall be decided by the General Treasurer.

4.3.4. If the number of people traveling is too small for a group discount, one may arrange his/her own airline schedule with the prior written agreement of the General Treasurer.

4.3,5. If someone needs to change one's routing or time for one's own personal purpose, the additional charge must be paid by oneself.

4.3.6. If a member is carrying a lot of materials relating to the member's duty on behalf of JUA, the excess baggage charge shall be paid by NA upon presentation of the airline invoice.

4.3.7. If a tax is charged for the purchase of air tickets, such tax shall be paid by NA.

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