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    JUA F A Procedure

4.4 Accommodation Expenses

4.4.1. JAU shall arrange the accommodations for the members or reimburse the Accommodation Expenses according to the following table:
Position  Rate/Night Room Type  Occupancy
DC Members  Max $ 150  Single Single
Referee Examiners Max $ 150  Single Single
All Others  Max $ 100  f Twin Double
4.4.2. If the rate exceeds the above rate due to the season and place, prior approval of the General Treasurer is required.

4.4.3. If one has to arrange one's own accommodation, the above Table indicates the maximum.

The hotel rate does not mean that one can up-grade to the maximum amount. One has to choose a reasonable class hotel within the maximum rate specified by the Table.

4.4.4. If the General Treasurer finds out that the hotel class is higher than a reasonable class, the General Treasurer may ask for reimbursement of the difference.

4.4.5. Above rates include breakfast, all taxes and service charges.

4.4.6. All other changes, except said in 4.4.5, including telephone or minibar or laundry must be paid by oneself.

4.4.7. When a member brings an accompanying person or wishes to extend one's stay, the member has to pay for all the extra charges oneself.

4.5. Allowance

4.5.1. In order to cover meals other than breakfast and other minor expenses during JUA functions, JUA pays a daily allowance of US $50 per day to each DC member. TC and RC members are paid US $40 per day. The number of days includes the dates of arrival and departure which are specified on the letter of invitation or travel order.

JUA nominated referees are paid US $30 per day, and the member of days includes one day before the day of competition and one day after the competition.

4.5.2. If a Seminar organized by NA is held, the appointed responsible member receives the allowance according to the budget. He/she keeps the money himself and should pay for refreshments, copying services, and other meeting expenses.

4.6. Insurance

4.6.1. JUA shall take out an insurance policy, within the maximum coverage of US$100.000 for a person who performs one's duties and responsibilities on behalf of JUA or at the request of JUA, to cover one's injury or illness or death during the performance of such duties and responsibilities.

4.6.2. JUA has no liability for any claim of injury or illness or death of the insured.

4.6.3. DC members shall individually take out their own insurance policy. For this purpose, the JUA shall reimburse US $300 per member annually at the beginning of each calendar year.

4.6.4. For the commission members, referees and other 7UA officials who are requested by the JUA to perform certain duties and responsibilities, they shall also individually take out insurance policies within the maximum coverage of US $300,000, before their departure of the site of the event for such performance, and present proper documents for reimbursement, by the

General Treasurer. Normal coverage days are from three days before the official arrival date at the event place and up to three days after the official departure date.

4.6.5. In case one is traveling alone to participate in a meeting or other event, he/she should purchase an insurance policy by himself l herself up to maximum coverage of US $100.000, which may be reimbursed by request to the General Treasurer.

4.6.6. For the officials who reside in the host country of an JUA event and are nominated by JUA for the event, JUA shall purchase insurance policies in consultation with the organizing committee of the said event.

4.6.7. All of the competitors or team officials from member Federations should purchase their own insurance when they are participating in the Asian Judo Championships or Asian Junior Judo Championships or Asian Games.

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