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    JUA F A Procedure

5.2. Income

5.2.1. All the income from tickets belong to the organizing country. The price of the tickets must be decided by the capacity of the competition hall and the number of expected spectators.

5.2.2. The organizing country shall provide free of charge the following tickets respectively:

Recipient Ticket Class  No. of Tickets 
Congress Best Seat  2 Tickets
5.2.3. The organizing country shall provide fee of change the following additional accreditation cards for the participating National Federations officials at Asian Judo Championships / Asian Junior Judo Championships: 
No. of Competitors No. of Seats
1 - 2 Competitors          2 Seats 
3 - 4 Competitors          3 Seats 
5 - 6 Competitors          4 Seats 
7 - 8 Competitors          5 Seats 
9 - 10 Competitors        6 Seats 
11 - 12 Competitors       7 Seats
13 - 14 Competitors       8 Seats 
15 - 16 Competitors       9 Seats 
5.3. Expenses

5.3.1. The organizing country shall cover the total expenses listed below:

(i) (Air tickets (round-trip) of the JUA officials mentioned on the NA Technical Code & Check List.

(ii) Accommodation Expenses of the JUA officials mentioned on the JUA Technical Code & Check List.

(iii) Total air tickets and Accommodation Expenses of the inspection team.

5.32. The organizing country must cover the cost of all working materials of the JUA Ordinary Congress and all other meetings of JUA and pay rents for meeting venues where such Congress or meetings take place.

5.3.3. The organizing country must provide the following means of transportation to facilitate the arrival and departure of the officials and participants between the station, airport, competition hall, training sites, and place of the accommodation.

These transportation arrangements are made available to the participants who stay at the official accommodation proposed by the organizer.

(i) A passenger car for the President

(ii) A passenger car to be shared between the General Secretary and the General Treasurer

(iii) A passenger car to be shared between the Sports Director, the Referee Director, the Education Director and the Marketing Director

(iv) A small bus or a mini-van (for 8 passengers) for the vice Presidents

(v) Bus service for the Commission Members and Referees

5.3.4. The organizing country must provide the following meals :

Recipients Kind of Meals Frequency

JUA Officials Breakfast :

  • Each day of Congress &
  • Asian Judo C'ships.

JUA Officials and Lunch Each day of the

  • Congress Delegates
  • Congress NA Officials

Refreshment Two times on each day of

  • Congress Delegates
  • Congress & DC Meeting
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