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    Technical Code


During the championships (at least from date of arrival of the first delegation up to and including the day that follows the last contest of the championships) the organizing committee must set up for all participants a central office at the main hotel. The office shall provide all delegations with the information needed for the stay and the participation in the Asian Judo Championships. A representative of the federation should be present at the airport/station to welcome or see off all delegations.


The organizing federation shall provide training conditions for all delegations, which must correspond to the number of competitors. Training hours should be coordinated with the delegations and included in a training timetable.


The nationality or citizenship of the competitors shall be verified by the members of the JUA Technical Committee. The evidence of nationality or citizenship shall be production of a passport issued by the country to which the competitors belong.

In the following cases

•  where the competitors are being held in a country in which the residents do not hold passports while in that country

•  where there is a possible problem of " joint citizenship " , an acceptable substitute for the passport will be a letter or certificate from the competitor's National Olympic Committee or if there is no such body from the National Sports Authority confirming the competitor's residence in that country, possibly his nationality or citizenship.

If a competitor has multiple nationality or citizenship, he or she may compete for only one country. In case that a competitor changes the nationality or citizenship, he or she shall be excluded from participation in the Asian Judo Championships. If the two national federations concerned agree they may request the JUA to shorten the period of four (4) years.

For the women competitors a certificate issued by an official institution or an authorized person shall be produced confirming their sex.

The organizing federation must ensure that the heads of delegations control and certify their national anthems (short version) and their national flags.

26.  DRAW

The draw by weight category must be held on the day prior to the first competition under the direction of the JUA Technical Committee. The draw for the " Open " category shall be made on the eve of the day to the competition in that category.

A maximum of two (2) delegates per national federation may attend the draw.

The materials required for the draw shall be provided by the organizer.


Weigh-in shall take place on the same day as the competition in that category by the staff of the organizing federation of the same sex under supervision of the JUA Technical Committee members

Athletes shall be allowed to check their weight on the same scales that will be used for the official weigh-in. In the official weigh-in no tolerance shall be allowed either above or below the weight category. Before the weigh-in each athlete shall present his/her ID card. During the weigh-in the official supervising the scales shall note and record the athlete's name and accurate weight on the official weight-in sheet. The notation shall be confirmed by the athlete's signature. Each athlete who is called over the name and come near the scales shall be permitted upon the scales only once.

Should an athlete weigh either above or below the prescribed limits for the category, the official shall record exact weight and have it signed by the athlete.

On and after the day of arrival of the first delegation it is necessary to prepare scales so that athletes can check their weight any time. Only the scales of guaranteed accuracy are allowed to use. Digital type scales are good but those worked by spring should not be used. The same scales must be used both for the official weigh-in and un-official weigh-in.

Weigh-in sheets are prepared at least in duplicate.


The contestant and their judogi shall be controlled in accordance with the IJF Refereeing Rules, Article 3 -Judo Uniform and Article 4 - Hygiene, prior to each contest.


Competition hall shall be of a representative character and be sufficiently large to hold 2 competition areas and shall have a seating capacity of at least 2,000 spectators. The competition areas shall be laid out in accordance with the Refereeing Rules, Article 1. The competition hall should have facilities for providing optimum audio-visual information to spectators and competitors.(ongoing and following contests, names of referees for these contests, contest results.) The competition areas and the adjacent area shall be protected against the entry of unauthorized persons and these shall be a sufficient number of seats for the members of the JUA Directing Committee members, the members of the Technical Committee, referees, doctors, first-aid personnel and assistants.

A certain number of seats shall be reserved for guests of honour, Presidents and General Secretaries and respectively, head of delegations of the participating national federations, journalists and competitors. The seats of the competitors should be situated as close to the competition area as possible and enable direct access to the competition area.


Each competition mat shall be equipped with two electronic scoreboards set up in the non-adjacent angles of the competition area and, as reserve, with manual indicating and recording devices, stopwatches, gongs, flags etc., which shall be provided by the organizing federation in accordance with the Contest Rules, Article 2. Condition shall be created in the competition hall for a proper anti-doping control and gender control. There must be dressing rooms capable of being locked, a first-aid room, massage benches, a recreation rooms for the Directing Committee and referees, a warming up room equipped with tatami, a working room for the Press, and a lunch-room.

Wireless microphones should be available for referees officiating, which should be connected to the public address system.

Provision shall be made for a duplication system for information related to the competition.

For other details concerning material and personnel requirements see Check-List.

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