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    Technical Code


The nominated referees will be appointed by the JUA at least 3 months prior to the date of the event. It is necessary that all nominated referees have the permission of their national federation. The referees shall wear the costume fixed by the JUA.

The referee and the judges shall not be members of the same national federations as the competitors at whose contest they are officiating and should not hold any official function, i.e. coach or manager.


The timekeepers, list-writers and recorders as well as other technical assistants must have a good knowledge of the Refereeing Rules and have been thoroughly trained prior to officiating.


The organizing national federation shall provide sufficient medical treatment during the entire competitions. In addition to this an ambulance should be on stand-by for transporting injured competitors to hospital. A nearby hospital should be notified to be ready for emergency treatment.


Officials of national federation shall include representative to attend the Congress, head of delegation, manager, coach, doctor and trainers. ID card entitling their holders to enter the competition hall shall be given to each participating national federations as mentioned below;

National Officials:

1 - 2 competitor(s) 1 official

3 - 4 competitors 2 officials

5 competitors 3 officials

6 - 8 competitors 4 officials

9 - 16 competitors 7 officials 
Ceremonies And Awards 

Official opening ceremony shall be part of the Asian Judo Championships of the JUA. In accordance with the following paragraphs the organizing federation works out the exact procedure of the opening ceremony.

All participants should take part in this ceremony in training suits.

Participants competing immediately after the opening ceremony are left to their own discretion whether to participate in the ceremony.

The opening ceremony should be limited to 30 minutes.

The opening ceremony shall comprise;

  1. March-in of the participating countries (competitors and coaches) in alphabetical order according to the official list of the JUA, the host country being last
  2. In front of each participating country is carried the national flag or the flag of delegation and another nameboard bearing the name of member, in full or abbreviated written in language of the organizing country. (Flag and board bearers are from the organizing country)
  3. Playing of the national anthem (shortened version), while the national flag of the organizing country and the JUA flag
  4. If required, welcoming address by the President of the judo federation of the host country or by an official representative of the organizing country
  5. Opening by the President of the JUA
  6. Presentation of the JUA officials and guests
  7. March-out


  1. March-in of the participating countries carrying flags and placards
  2. Closing address by the President of the JUA
  3. Pulling down of the JUA flag and the flag of the organizing country
  4. March-out


The awarding of prizes shall be carried out immediately after the end of each final match or after the end of all final matches of the day. Each competitor having won a medal must be present at the official awarding and, if possible, receive the medal personally. Any competitor who is absent from the prize-giving ceremony without a good cause will forfeit his medal. The prize giving ceremony shall be carried out as follows;

  1. The medalists are led to the place of the prize giving ceremony, accompanied by music.
  2. The medalist line up behind the platform bearing the placing numbers.
  3. The speaker announces the weight category, name and country of the winner. The winner steps on the platform and receives the medal from the President of the JUA or a person nominated by him.
  4. The 2nd and both 3rd placed are presented with their medals in the same way.
  5. Playing of the national anthem (short version) of the winner's country while the national flags of the medalists are hoisted.
  6. The medalists and both 5th placed are led out, accompanied by music.


The organizing federation should present each participant with a diploma certifying participation.

Medal and diploma must be provided by the organizing federation for each weight category and the open category as follows;

1st Place: One gold medal and a diploma

2nd Place: One silver medal and a diploma

3rd Place: Two bronze medals and diplomas

5th Place: Two diplomas

Additional awards presented at the Asian Judo Championships must not exceed a maximum value equal to US$500.-dollar or its equivalent. They must not be in cash or cheque 

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