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Flash Report of JUA Ordinary Congress Held on 29th October 2003 at Hotel Crown Plaza, Jeju, Korea
Date : Wednesday, October 29, 2003

The JUA Congress was held in Jeju on Oct. 29, 2003. It was attended by 25 countries while 5 countries were not able to attend. Eight sent proxies. The countries present were BAN, CHN, HKG, IND, IRI, JPN, KAZ, KYR, KOR, KUW, LIB, MAC, MAS, MGL, NEP, PHI, QAT, SIN SYR, THA TKM, TPE, UZB, VET & YEM. The absent are IRQ, KSA, MYA, PRK, & TJK. Those that sent proxies were CAM, INA, LAO, PAK, SRI, UAE, PLE & JOR.

The JUA Executive Committee Members gave their reports except for the JUA Sports Director who was absent. Among the 5 zone presidents only two were present, South East Zone Vice President and West Zone Vice President.

Korean Judo Association reported on the preparations for the 2003 Asian Judo Championships. 28 member countries went entries for this year’s AJC.

IJF Executive Committee Members attended the championships, Mr. Yong-Sung Park, IJF President, Francois Besson, IJF Sports Director, and Mr. Juan Carlos Barcos, IJF Refereeing Director.

Representatives from 2006 Doha Asian Gemes in Qatar, 2003 Macau Asian Junior Judo Championships in China, and 2004 Almaty Asian Judo Championships in Kazakhstan gave presentations on events that they are scheduled to host.

A proposal by the JUA GS, Mr. Jaylo, to adopt the term Executive Committee as it is used in IJF, was unanimously approved.

The proposal made by the JUA President to use blue judo-gi in JUA Championships was also approved. And 250 blue judo-gi donation by IJF for JUA was reported as well.

Amendment of JUA Referee Commission Rules by Mr. Kawaguchi was approved. According to the amendment rules, each zonal representative RC member shall be nominated by respective zone. And the additional four members shall be nominated by the JUA Referee Director.

The Best Judoka Award, which was proposed by Mr. Derakhshan, was also approved.

Mr. Song Zhaonian will assume as the J Vice President for 2008 Beijing Olympics starting now.

Election for new sets of JUA Executive Committee Member was conducted and the results are as follows;

1.Mr. Yoshinori Takeuchi (JPN) – President
2.Mr. Reynaldo H. Jaylo (PHI) – Vice President for Southeast Zone
3.Mr. Kim Jung Haeng (Korea) – Vice President for East Zone
4.Mr. Obaid Al-Anzi (KUW) – Vice President for West Zone
5.Mr. Jagdish Tytler (IND) – Vice President for South Zone
6.Mr. Armen Bagdasarov (UZB) – Vice President for Central Zone
7.Mr. Khalid Bin Hamad Al-Atiya – Vice President for Qatar Asian Games
8.Mr. Song Zhaonian (CHN) – V-Pres. For 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
9.Mr. Yong-Chul, Cho (KOR) – General Secretary
10.Mr. Mukesh Kumar (IND) – General Treasurer
11.Mr. Takao Kawaguchi (JPN) – Referee Director
12.Mr. Che Kuong Hon (MAC) – Sports Director
13.Mr. Mohammad Derakhshan (IRI) – Education & Coaching Director
14.Mr. S.A. Jalil Razavi – Marketing Director

Only the post of JUA General Treasurer was contested and voted upon because the other contender for the other positions withdrew their candidacy just before the election started.

The results for JUA General Treasurer are as follows;
16 for Mr. Mukesh Kumar (IND)
13 for Mr. Johnny Khoo (MAS)
4 are invalid

The following named below are the new sets of TC & RC Members.

Technical Commission Referee Commission
South Mrs. Quamrun Nahar Hiru (BAN) Mr. Patil Ravindra (IND)
East Mrs. Leung Wai Kei (MAC) Mr. Koshi Onozawa (JPN)
SoutheastMr. David F. Carter (PHI) Mr. Lee Khim Seng (MAS)
West Mr. Ray Nassiri (IRI) Mr. Yasin Al-Ayoubi (SYR)
Central Mr. Lev Yugai (UZB) Mr. Raisky Ivan (KYR)

The JUA future events are allocated as follow,

Asian Judo Champ. Asian Junior Judo Champ.
2004 Kazakhstan (already decided) Qatar
2005 Uzbekistan Chinese Taipei

Other matters were also discussed in the congress such as the President’s Commendation, IJF Women’s Referee Seminar in China, JUA Honorary Members Nomination, IJF Hall of fame and Medal of Merit. Lastly, Issues raised by Singapore Judo Federation was also tackled.

The Congress adjourned at around 2:30 PM