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Minutes of JUA Ordinary Congress held on April 12, 2001 at Chinggis Khan Hotel, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Date : Thursday, April 12, 2001

President's Report

1. Administrative matter

1-1. New DC members
Mr. Kim Jung-Haeng as Vice President, 2002 Asian Games
Mr. Song Zhaonian as Marketing Director

1-2. New Affiliation

1-3. Amendment of JUA Regulations
JUA Statutes
JUA Finance and Accounting Procedure
JUA Technical Code

2. Events from 1999 up to date

2-1. 1999
JUA DC meeting in Wenzhou, China
World Judo Championships and IJF EC Meeting & Congress in Birmingham, Great Britain
JUA Seminars in Singapore and Kuwait

2-2. 2000
Asian Judo Championships and JUA DC meeting in Osaka, Japan
Sydney Olympic Games and IJF EC Meeting in Australia
World Junior Judo Championships and IJF EC Meeting in Nabuel, Tunisia
Asian Junior Judo Championships and JUA DC meeting in Hong Kong, China
IJF Seminars and IJF EC meeting in Ostia, Italy
IJF Women Referee Seminar in Lisbon, Portugal
JUA Seminars in Uzbekistan and Sri Lanka
JUA Women Referee Seminar in Philippine

2-3. 2001
IJF Seminars and IJF EC Meeting Budapest, Hungary

3. Events in future

3-1. 2001
World Judo Championships, IJF EC Meeting & Congress in Munich, Germany
7/18 - 19 IJF Commissions' Meeting
7/20 - 21 IJF Executive Committee Meeting
7/22 Cont. Unions' Congress
7/24 IJF Judo Conference
7/25 Control of Entries W.C. & Draw
7/26 - 29 World Chpships Senior M & W
7/30 IJF Executive Committee Meeting
Candidate for the Election of IJF EC Official
President: Mr. Y.S. Park, IJF President
Sports Director: Mr. Francis Besson, IJF Sports Director
Referee Director: Mr. Jim Kojima, IJF Referee Director
Mr. Juan Carlos Barcos
Amendment of IJF Regulations
50th IJF anniversary
IJF Women Referee Seminar in Lisbon, Portugal
JUA Seminars
JUA Women Referee Seminar
Asian Junior Judo Championships at Almata

3-2. 2002
Asian games in Pusan, Korea
World Junior Judo Championships

3-3. 2003 and after
2003 & 2004 Asian Judo Championships
Future Asian Junior Judo Championships
Future World Championships & World Junior Judo Championships

4. Financial matter
4-1. Utilization of IJF Development Fund
JUA Seminars
JUA Women Referee Seminar
Electric Timer: Thai, Vietnam, SriLanka, Kazakhstan
2000 AJC Highlight video
Computer. 4 DC members for 2000

4-2. Amendment of Olympic & WC dividend

Recipient OLD NEW
WC Olympic WC Olympic
JUA (US$) 27,000 410,000 48,600 566,31 3
IJF Total 540,000 4,100,000 540,000 4,100,000

JUA 5.00% 10% 9.00% 13.81%
AJU 5.00% 10% 9.00% 13.81%
EJU 6.25% 10% 9.00% 13.81 %
PJU 6.25% 10% 9.00% 13.81%
OJU 2.50% 10% 4.00% 10.00%
ONF 1 5.00% 20.00%
IJF 60.00% 50% 40.00% 35.00%
Total 100.00% 100% 100.00% 100.00%

5. Recycle Judo-gi
Since 1990, All Japan Judo Federation is collecting used judo-gi in Japan and donating to all over the world with IJF assistant.

Lately, however, some federation reported us that they did not received exact numbers of judo-gi, which AJJF sent, or in other country, after they received them, they are not making full use of them for development and promotion of judo.

In 2001, AJJF is planning to send some judo-gis to some JUA member federations. If your judo federation wishes to receive some judo-gi, please send me the letter which includes how to utilize judo-gi and your mailing address.