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Minutes of the Ordinary Congress held at 10.30 am on 23rd June 1999 at Hotel Dynasty, Wenzhou, China
Date : Wednesday, June 23, 1999

1. Mr. Daga, General Secretary declared that JUA Ordinary Congress was legally effective according to Para 3, Article 10 of the JUA Statutes. He informed that 28 members were present and 8 were present by proxies.

2. Mr. Jagdish Tytler, President chaired the meeting.
Mr. Tytler welcomed members presented and thanked President and officials of Chinese Judo Association (CJA) for organising the Asian Judo Championships and JUA Meetings in Wenzhou.

3. Minutes of JUA Ordinary Congress held on 20/11/97 at Manila were unanimously adopted.

4. Reports
Reports of Vice Presidents and General Secretary, which were already circulated, were unanimously approved. There were no reports from South Zone and East Zone.
Mr. Daga informed that General Secretary's report had already been circulated one month ago along with the Agenda and contained details about the events held in 1998-99, note on some of the agenda points and suggestions for the future development of Asian Judo.
Refering to General Secretary's report, Mr. Fujita from Japan informed that MikiHouse Womens Team Championships were not held in Japan and has requested to make necessary corrections in the Report. Mr. Daga informed that he has not received this information earlier and made the corrections.

Mr. Che explained his report which was already circulated to the members. He informed that as per the decision of the JUA DC and following the IJF Rules, JUA account was audited by Professional Auditors and their report was also presented to the members. After discussions, the meeting approved the Financial Report and the Auditing Report. Mr. Mahmood Naveed from Pakistan and Delegates from DPR Korea asked about the criteria of utilising IJF Development Fund. Mr. Che explained the procedure and said it was already decided to utilise these funds for organising the JUA Seminars twice in a year. The intention was to utilise the funds in such a way so that all members can get the benefits. DPR Korea wanted to know whether JUA will extend any financial support to National Federations to organise their National events, Mr. Che informed that at present this is not possible because of the limitations of JUA Fund. He further informed that he is making efforts to find Sponsors who will provide sponsorship to all International events held in Asia.

Mr. Tytler informed that the IOC is considering raising the Dividends from the O1ympic Games and is likely to take a positive-decision in the near future. If this happens it will further strengthen the financial conditions of JUA and to provide financial assistance to National Federations may be considered in future. He requested to DPR Korea to send a written request to JUA regarding their requirements to enable the new DC to consider the same.

Reports and proposals from Sports Director, Refereeing Director and Education & Diffusion Director were unanimously approved.

Mr. Takeuchi, Referee Director explained his report and informed that IJF Continental Referee Examinations for the year 1999 will be held at Vietnam and Seoul. He appealed the members to send their applications as soon as possible for these examinations. He also explained important decisions/changes made by IJF in the Birmingham Refereeing Commission Meeting which was already circulated along with Referee Directors report.

Mr. Kim explained important decisions/changes made by IJF in the Sports Commission Meeting held in Birmingham, which was already included in his report.

Mr. Inokuma, Education Director pointed out that Education Directors report was not included in the Agenda. Mr. Daga apologized for the same and reminded that in spite of his repeated faxes he had not replied to him but this lapse happened because of oversight and requested the Education Director to present his report.

Mr. Inokuma presented his report as Education Director as well as Marketing Advisor and briefed the meeting about the same. Mr. Inokuma presented a Video Cassette of "Names of Judo Techniques" to all the members. The Meeting approved both the reports.

On a request of Mr. Tytler, Mr. Song Zhaonian, General Secretary-CJA briefed the meeting about the arrangements made for the smooth conduct of the Asian Judo Championships and JUA Meetings at Wenzhou. He said 28 teams are participating in the Championships and total number of participants is around 500. The meeting appreciated the efforts made by CJA and thanked officials of the CJA for the same.

5.a] As proposed by the Directing Committee, applications from Korea, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia for the 2001 Asian Judo Championships were considered by the Meeting. After discussions and consultations, the meeting unanimously decided to allot the 2001 Asian Judo Championships to Mongolia.

5. b] Mr. Takeuchi informed that no applications were received so far for the IJF Continental Referee Examinations to be held in year 2000. The meeting decided to defer this matter to the new DC to be elected at the Congress.

5.c] Proposal of introducing the Asian Junior Judo Championships from the year 2000 was considered and after some discussions, the meeting unanimously approved the proposal and the following criteria has been approved :­
Age limit : under 20 years (both Boys & Girls)
Weight Categories
Boys (8) : -55, -60, -66, -73, -81, -90, -10O, +100 Kg
Girls (8) : -45, -48, -52, -57, -63, -70, -78, +78 Kg
Contest time : 4 minutes (Boys & Girls)

The meeting also discussed the applications from I.R. Iran and Hong Kong China to organise the first Asian Junior Championships. Gen. Md. Derakhshan, President of I. R. Iran Judo Federation announced that Iran withdraws their application and requested the meeting to allot the Junior Championships to Hong Kong, China. The meeting approved the same and allotted the first Asian Junior Judo Championships, 2000 to HongKong, China.

5.d] As proposed by the JUA DC, the meeting deferred the Budget for the year 1999­2000 to the new DC for their decision.

5.e] Mr. Daga explained about the applications for affiliation received from Lebanon and Laos and said both the applications can not be recommended as no original documents are received so far from both the countries in spite of repeated requests. In the case of Lebanon, JUA has received an objection from European Judo Union (EJU) stating they will not allow transfer of Lebanon from EJU to JUA till Lebanon settles their membership dues to EJU. The meeting discussed the matter in length. Thereafter as suggested by Mr. Tytler, it was decided to tentatively approve the membership of Laos subject to receipt of membership fees, original applications and NOC from their National Olympic Committee.

Mr. Tytler then announced a Lunch break of one hour. Afternoon session of the JUA Congress started at 2 pm.

Mr. Daga informed that as decided by the JUA Congress at Manila in 1997, Mr. K.S. Moorthy, JUA Vice President and President of Singapore Judo Federation was to be bestowed with JUA President's General Commendation Award for his long and outstanding services to Asian Judo. Mr. Tytler then appreciated the dedicated and outstanding services of Mr. Moorthy and presented a Silver Memento engraving of the Certificate to Mr. Moorthy. The meeting appreciated and applauded the same.

6.a] Mr. Tytler proposed Mr. Khadga Jeet Baral, President of Nepal Judo Assn. as the Steward and Mr. Niaz Rahim, General Secretary of Bangladesh Judo Federation and Mr. Wang Xuhui, Dy. General Secretary of Chinese Judo Assn. as Scrutinizers for the Elections. The meeting unanimously approved the same.

Mr. Tytler suggested that instead of declaring the result of elections one by one, it is better to declare the results together at the end. He said this will avoid influence of one election on the other. The meeting discussed the matter and decided to follow the same Procedures being followed by IJF & JUA. i.e., holding the elections and declaring the results one by one.

Mr. Tytler then informed the meeting that Mr. L. K. Daga is withdrawn from contesting for the post of JUA General Secretary and declared Capt. Reynaldo H. Jaylo of Philippine elected as the new JUA General Secretary.

Mr. Daga took the floor to thank all the members for their continued support and co-operation, which made his tenure of 4 years as the JUA General Secretary most effective and memorable.

Mr. Daga then announced withdrawal of nomination by the following candidates:-

Mr. Yu Sung Huang, Chinese Taipei - Candidate for Sports Director

Mr. Jeen Fong Liu, Chinese Taipei – Candidate for Education Director

Mr. Wong Po Kee, HongKong, China- Candidate for General Treasurer

Mr. Daga further informed that after the above withdrawals only 2 candidates each were left for the above 3 positions. The meeting noted the same. The election procedure was then started. All the candidates were given 5 minutes time to address the meeting before their election. ' .

All the 36members (28 in person + 8 by proxy) voted for all the positions. Results of the election are as under:­

Position Candidates Votes gained
President Jagdish Tytler, India 10
Yoshinori Takeuchi, Japan 26

General Secretary Capt. Reynaldo H. Jaylo, Philippines Unopposed

General Treasurer Che Kuong Hon, Macau 13
Johnny Kay Khoo Chee, Malaysia 23

Referee Director Sang-Chul Kim, Korea 15
Takao Kawaguchi, Japan 21

Sports Director Serik Ongarbayev, Kazakhstan 24
Le Yugai, Uzbekistan 12

Education Director Song Zhaonian, China 13
Gen. Brig. Md. Derakhshan, Iran 23

As per the results, candidates whose names are shown in bold letters are declared elected.

The meeting then unanimously confirmed the names of Vice Presidents as informed by the respective zones as under:-

Mr. Cheng Chao Ming, HongKong China Vice President - East Zone

Mr. Hoang Viet Hung, Vietnam Vice President - South East Zone

Maj. B.S.G. Nanayakkara, Sri Lanka Vice President - South Zone

Mr. Obaid Z. AI-Anzi, Kuwait Vice President - West Zone

Mr. Tolip Khakimov, Uzbekistan Vice President - Central Zone

The meeting unanimously approved the same. Mr. Tytler then thanked the members for their cooperation in smooth conduct of the Congress and invited the newly elected members to come and take charge of their respective posts. All the new members took charge and Mr. Takeuchi, JUA President then thanked Mr. Tytler for the outstanding works done by the outgoing DC under his leadership and expressed his regards and thanks to
Mr. Tytler. Mr. Takeuchi then announced that Korea Judo Association has nominated Mr. Sang-Chul Kim as the Vice President for the Asian Games. The meeting approved the same.

In the absence of any other business, the meeting was declared closed.