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JUA Congress 2009
Date : Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Judo Union of Asia

2009 Congress

Date:  21st May 2009
Time:  10.00-13.30

Venue:  Sunworld Dynasty Hotel 
Taipei city, Chinese Taipei

Attendance: Executive Committee Members
  Mr. AL- ANZI   Obaid  President
Mr. KIM   Jung Haeng Vice President (East) – assisted by interpreter
  Mr. ROJANACHIVA  Hassabodin Vice President (South-East)  – assisted by interpreter
  Mr. BAJRACHARYA Deepak  Vice President (South)
  Mr. YESSENBAYEV  Mazhit  Vice President (Central) – assisted by interpreter
  Mr. NASSER  Jamal  Vice President (West) – assisted by interpreter
  Mr. CHO  Yong Chul General Secretary
  Mr. KUMAR  Mukesh  General Treasurer
  Mr. CHE   Kuong Hon Sports Director
  Mr. KAWAGUCHI Takao  Referee Director
  Mr. DERAKHSHAN Mohammad Education, Coach & Kata Director
  Advisory Committee members
  Mr. BAGDASAROV  Armen  Advisory Consultant to the President
  Mr. LU    Wei-Chen Chairman of Legal and Statutes Committee
  Mr. SHAHER ALI Noman  Chairman of Media and Protocol Committee
  Mr. KOMATA  Koji  Kata Commissioner & Advisor to the President
  Ms. BUSHALAK Amal  Marketing adviser to the President
  Mr. Naser  Tameemi IJF General Treasurer
  Delegates from

China, Hong Kong China, India, Iran, Jordan, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macau China, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, DPR Korea, Qatar, Singapore, Syria, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Chinese Taipei, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen

G.S. Roll Call
. The General Secretary welcomed the EC members, all delegates and called country by country. He also acknowledged the advisory committee members as well as IJF General Treasurer, Mr. Naser Tameemi.

Pres. Opening Address
The President welcomed all the delegates as well as EC members, advisory committee members and IJF General Treasurer, Mr. Tameemi. He praised the great movement of IJF President for the things that has been achieved for the past two years. He also pointed out the importance of active role of each and every member federation in order to develop Judo bigger and better. The President also thanked the President of Chinese Taipei Judo Federation for their kind hospitality.

         G.S. Approval of Agenda
Copies of the agenda of JUA Congress 2009 were distributed to all delegates. The General Secretary asked for questions or comments related to the handouts.

• The Agenda of JUA Congress 2009 unanimously approved by Congress.

G.S. Approval of the Minutes of JUA Congress 2007
Copies of the minutes of JUA Congress 2007 held in Kuwait were handed out to all delegates. The General Secretary asked for questions or comments related to the handouts.

• The Minutes of JUA Congress 2007 unanimously approved by Congress.

Pres. President’s Report
  President delivered his reports and made a number of points as follows.

1. Training Centre in UAE: United Arab Emirates Judo and Wrestling Federation wants to
open a Judo Training Centre for Asian Judo. A proposal for the same has been submitted to International Judo Federation. The General Secretary of United Arab Emirates have some points about this issue for us a little later.

2. Continental Referee Examination: This year there will be only one Continental Referee
Examination: This will be in Chinese Taipei during Asian Junior and Youth Championships.

3. Kata Seminars and Exam: The Kata commissioner proposes to hold Seminar and Exam at Tokyo from July 9 to 12, 2009. The proposal has been admitted provided there are at least minimum of 10 countries of Judo Union of Asia are participating in it. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to encourage you to take part at the Kata Seminars and Examinations.

4. Training Camps: After each and every tournament of IJF World Cup, Grand Slam, Grand
Prix, Masters and Team Championships, the training camps are conducted at the same
place. I will finish my report first, and then if you have a question, please ask me later.

5. Training Camps: Next year Olympic Council of Asia is going to conduct Judo Training 
Camps with the coordination with Judo Union of Asia and it will help many of our National
Federations to take part and get good training for about 3 athletes and one coach from each     country of Judo Union of Asia. The period of this camp will be about one month. We will
inform further details of the place and athletes later because we have a negotiation with
three countries to hold this event at the moment. 

6. Financial: Need Based assistance by IJF: IJF has promised to look after the needs of
many ill equipped National Federations. This help will come in the form of material
equipment and not in the form of monetary help. IJF will help with the equipment, not with

7. Ranking System: Mr. Che will go in detail about this issue later. Anyways, from this month
IJF has commenced using of the Raking system officially for all the events. This Taipei
Championships is the first from Asian continent to be entering the Ranking system and for
the seeding of the contest fights. There has been slight modification for the Olympic in
London, upon the request of the International Olympic Committee’s Sport Director, the
points accumulated for last 2 years prior to Olympics will be accounted for the qualification
to Olympics.

8. Asian Junior and Youth Championships: JUA will hold Asian Youth and Junior Judo
Championships in Chinese Taipei at Kaohsiung, from 21st until 23rd Nov. 2009. There will be     also Continental Referee Examination as mentioned earlier in my address.

9. Applications for the 2011 Asian Judo Championships: 2011 Asian Judo Championships application has been received from the UAE Judo and Wrestling Federation for holding of
the Championships in Abu Dhabi. There have been no other bids, and therefore the bid of
UAE Judo and Wrestling Federation is approved. 2011 Asian Judo Championships will be
held in Abu Dhabi. Later on Mr. Naser Tameemi will present about this championships later.

10. Application for 2012 Asian Judo Championships: 2012 Asian Judo Championships
application has been received from Uzbekistan Judo Federation, for holding of the
Championships in Tashkent; In case of any unforeseen circumstances the standby place forthis 2012 Asian Judo Championships in Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana City.

11. IJF Championships: World Cadet (Youth) Championships in Budapest, Hungary 2009: These will be held from August 6-9, 2009.

12. Olympic Council of Asia: 1st Asian Martial Arts Games are scheduled from August 1-9,
2009 in which Judo is a Sport of one of nine. However, the Judo event will now is proposed on 2nd and 3rd of August 2009 in order that it doesn’t conflict with IJF Cadet Championships.

13. IJF Championships: World Senior Championships in Rotterdam, Holland 2009:
International Judo Federation will hold Congress and Senior Championships from Aug 23
until 30, 2009. We encourage you all to participate at this event.

14. IJF Championships: World Junior Championships in Athens, Greece 2009: These are
scheduled from October 22 until 25, 2009.

15. Islamic Games: with Judo in Tehran, Iran: World Islamic Games are being held in Tehran,
Iran, with Judo being held within first 4 days of the Games.

16. Honorary medals: Executive Committee of the Judo Union of Asia has approved the
proposal to honor judo officials who have tendered their services for long time for their
active work and contribution to Judo.
Hence the proposal is to honor
- JUA National Federation Presidents : on 4 years completion: Bronze medal
- JUA National Federation Presidents : on 8 years completion: Silver medal
- JUA Executives : on 4 years completion: Bronze medal
- JUA Executives : on 8 years completion: Gold medal
- Any all National Federations holding Asian Judo Championships and Junior and Youth Judo Championships on a good level: a Gold medal

17. Olympic Games in the future: In the Olympic Games, Team competitions will also be
added in Judo. These teams are made of Judokas already qualified for individual events of Judo. Each team will have 5 competitors, in the categories of -52, -57, -63, -70 and +70 for women, in the categories of -66, -73, -81, -90 and +90 for men.

18. International Referee Examination: The next International Referee Examination will be
held in Samoa, Oceania Judo Union.

19. Judogi New Regulations: Regulations regarding New Judogi will come into force from
January 2010, and all the manufacturers should follow the regulations.

20. 2010 Asian Junior and Youth Judo Championships:  As requested from Syrian Judo
Federation, 2010 AJYJC will be held around April and May, 2010 in Damascus, Syria.

  • Unanimously approved by Congress.

          G.S. General Secretary’s Report
The General Secretary handed out his activity report and asked all delegates to review the handouts.

• Unanimously approved by Congress.

           G.T 2007-2009 Financial Report
The General Treasurer delivered the financial report for the period from 1st Jan. 2008 to 31st Dec. 2008 & from 1st Jan. 2009 to 31st Mar. 2009, and the budget for the year of 2010.

• Unanimously approved by Congress.

S.D. Sports Director’s Report
The Sports Director explained the JUA official event from May 2007 to May 2009 on the screen. He also mentioned about the organizing expert license as 17 A licenses and 7 B licenses have been already issued. The new IJF qualification system was explained and the Sports Director pointed out Asia gets only 20 quotas for the continental quota despite the fact that Asia has won more medals at the Olympic and World Championships than other continents. IJF made a rules and regulations of distributing continental quotas depending on the number of affiliated member federations of each continent.

The Sports Director pointed out the difficulties of Asian countries especially poor countries since the new qualification system requires athletes to take part at more tournament in order to get the points and be ranked in the World Ranking System. Thus, traveling and visa problem make it even more complicated for the poor countries especially when most of the events were held in the European countries. Overall, IJF made the decision so all member federations have to follow the rules and regulation.

• Unanimously approved by Congress.

          R.D.  Referee Director’s Report
The Referee Director distributed his report to all delegates and explained that IJF has changed the referee rules. Regarding to the referee examinations, the IJF continental examination will be held during Asian Junior and Youth Judo championships and the IJF International examination will be held in Samoa, Oceania.

• Unanimously approved by Congress.

         E.C.K.D Education Coach & Kata Director’s Report

The Education Coach & Kata Director handed out his report to all delegates. He informed the Would Kata Championships will be held in Malta on October. He mentioned two Kata seminars will be held in this year; The first seminar will be consisted of Kata seminar and Judge Examination and will be held in Japan on 9-12, July. The other seminar will be consisted of Kata seminar, Judge Examination and one day trial tournament and held in Almaty, Kazakhstan on 23-27, September. He also stressed that there should be at least 10 countries that take part at these events as the President had directed.
In the JUA EC meeting on the previous day, it was decided that Asian Kata Championships will be held from 2011. The Education Coach & Kata Director added that he would send some information regarding to Judogi and tatamki later by email and letter.

• Unanimously approved by Congress.
V.P(East) Vice President’s report (East Zone)
The Vice President (East) distributed his activity report and told all delegates to ask him if there is any question or comment in relation to his report.

• Unanimously approved by Congress.

        V.P(S.E) Vice President’s report (South East Zone)
The Vice President (South East Zone) reported about the event held in his zone.
In 2008, the IJF World Junior Judo Championships and Thailand Int’l Championships were held in Thailand.
A number of events will be held in the South East zone in this year as follows.

1. Thailand International Championships on July.
2. Vietnam International Tournament on July.
3. Asian Martial Arts Games in Thailand on August.
4. South East Asian Games at Laos on December.

• Unanimously approved by Congress.

        V.P.(Sth) Vice President’s report (South Zone)
The Vice President (South Zone) reported about the South Zone. He mentioned that the South Zone is least developed area in terms of Judo, however, two JUA seminars were in the South Zone in 2007; JUA education and coaching seminars as well as the organizing seminar were held in Kathmandu, Nepal on December, 2007.
Asian Junior and Youth Judo Championships were held in Hydrabad, India on November, 2007.
South Asian Judo Championships as well as JUA Referee seminar and IJF Continental Examination were held in Kathmandu, Nepal on September, 2008.

• Unanimously approved by Congress.

        V.P (Cntrl) Vice President’s report (Central Zone)
The Vice President (Central Zone) distributed his report and mentioned as he presented at the Executive committee meeting yesterday. He thanked everybody for the support. .

  • Unanimously approved by Congress.

        V.P (West) Vice President’s report (West Zone)
The Vice President (West Zone) reported the events held in his zone for the past two years.
 In 2007,  Asian Senior Judo Championships was held in Kuwait.
In 2008, AJYJC was held in Sana’a, Yemen, the West Asian Senior Championships held in Amman, Jordan (10 countries participated.) and the West Asian Youth Championships held in Lebanon  (6 countries participated.).
In 2010, AJYJC will be held in Damascus, Syria.
In 2011, AJC will be held in Abu Dhabi in UAE.
In the West Zone, two Int’l tournaments will be organized every year, one in Teheran and the other in Damascus, and he invited all to take part.
He also invited everyone to participate at the IJF Grand Prix which will be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE on November, 2009.

  • Unanimously approved by Congress.

         CHN Asian Games 2010
The Chinese delegate delivered a report on behalf of Mr. SONG Zaonian about the Asian Games 2010. He mentioned that the Chinese Olympic Committee had a lot of proposal about the organizing matters of 2010 Asian Games after the Beijing Olympic Games. The Chinese Judo Association will try to negotiate with the Organizing committee and JUA, and will take care of the JUA leaders at the Asian Games 2010. The venue will be in the Guangzhou University.
  • Unanimously approved by Congress.

        Organizer Organizing committee AJC2009 & AJYJC2009
A delegate form the organizing committee of AJC2009 and AJYJC2009 delivered the report regarding to the preparation of the event.
  • Unanimously approved by Congress.

        G.T. Discussion
The General Treasurer proposed a number of points as follows.
• Fee for IJF Dan Certificate: Since IJF has raised the IJF Dan fee, JUA reviewed the fee for the IJF Dan. The IJF Dan Grade Fee is US$100.
• Inscription Fee: The expenditure for AYJC, AJJC and AJC has increased a lot during the recent past. Whereas the income from the event is very less, due to No sponsorship/donations. The Inscription fee will be US$100 per entry from the next event.
• Entry fee for JUA Seminars and Examinations including Kata: It was approved that US$150 per participant for attending all JUA Seminars and Examinations (Coaching, Organizing, & Refereeing) repectively, so that some part of the expenditure for conducting Seminars/Examinations can be met. The present examination fee is US$125.
• Distribution of JUA Judo Development Fund for 2009 to Five Zones of JUA: JUA is providing JUA Development Fund amounting of US$5,000 to each zone, which will be distributed as per the recommendation of the JUA Vice President of respective zones to the President.
• Grant for procurement of Judo Mats and Judo Dresses: JUA EC decided to provide only equipment not the money. Thus, the JUA Vice President of repective sone to the President, and JUA will provide accordingly.
• Sundry Accrual : An amunt of US$500 is lying as liability since 2003, which towards the audit fee for the period from 1st March to 21st August 2003. The amount will be added to the income of JUA.
• Sponsorship of JUA Events: At the JUA EC meeting, we have decided that we have now the Marketing adviser to the President,  Ms. Amal Bushalak who will help us and promote more for the sponsorship of JUA events.
• JUA Approved Suppliers: Just like IJF, JUA EC decided to have the JUA approved  supplier for Judo mat and Judo Dresses. The fee to become JUA approved supplier is US$4,000 per year. For those companies which are interested should contact the JUA Education Director for approval. Then JUA will officially approve and give certificate as well.

• Unanimously approved by Congress.

         G.S. JUA event
The General Secretary introduced the bidders of JUA events in the following years and none was against and unanimously agreed by Congress.

   2009 - Asian Junior and Youth Judo Championships-Chinese Taipei
2010 - Asian Games-China
- Asian Junior and Youth Judo Championships-Syria
2011 - Asian Senior Judo Championships-United Arab Emirates
- Asian Junior and Youth Judo Championships-Thailand
2012 - Asian Senior Judo Championships-Uzbekistan
- Asian Junior and Youth Judo Championships-Kazakhstan

• Unanimously approved by Congress.

         UAE Asian Senior Judo Championships 2011
UAE Judo & Wrestling Federation’s delegate delivered a presentation about the general information of Abu Dhabi including the accommodation and the venue. He also invited all delegates for the IJF Grand Prix which will take place in Abu Dhabi later this year.

13.30  Closure of Congress

The President thanked the delegates and closed the Congress.