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       President's Message  


Greetings and Good wishes to everyone of you in Judo Family                                                                                

Dear Judo Family,

I as the JUA President would like to thank all the Judokas, and Coaches who are working hard to achieve best results. I would also like to give my special thanks to all referees who ensure that justice happen on Tatami, and particularly the Technical Officials who try their best for successful conduct of competitions.

My special thanks to the National Coaches, who worked hard with their Athletes and achieved tremendous result in 2012 London Olympics, proving how hard Asia is working.

As you are aware, we have two major International events in 2014, one being the ( YOG ) Youth Olympic Games in August, China, and nearly one month after that will be Asian Games in September, in South Korea. I hope that all member Federations in Asia are working hard, and going ahead with their training programmes to achieve the best results .

In the past few years, We have concentrated in organizing seminars for refereeing, coaching / education, and sport in different parts of Asia with the help of high level experts. My request to the participating delegates of such seminar is to ensure that the latest tactics / information must be shared with the fellow players, and coaches for development of Judo.

We have also encouraged the member countries to utilise the best facilities available in the International Training Center, Uzbekistan. We have tried our best to provide the affordable package to suit all our sport community in Asia.

I also thank all the EC Members of JUA, who are working hard throughout the year in close collaboration with JUA, to carry out the task laid down for betterment and upliftment of Judo in Asia.

I wish you all the best, and success in the year 2014

Obaid Al-Anzi
Judo Union of Asia