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Report of the JUA Refereeing Seminar 2012
Date : Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dear Friends,

JUA Referee Commission had "JUA Referee Seminar"(May 16th, 17th 2012) and"IJF Continental Examination"(May 19th, 20th 2012) at Gochang, KOREA conjunction with East Asia Judo Championships.This is the first Referee Seminar in 2012.17 referees participated from 9 countries / reagions.

Also had "JUA Referee Seminar"(June 11th, 17th 2012) and"IJF Continental Examination"(June 14th, 15th 2012) at Tashkent, UZBEKISTAN conjunction with Uzbekistan Junior Judo Championships.This is the second Referee Seminar in 2012.18 referees participatged from 9 countries / reagions.

Details of the above events with some photographs are attached.

With best regards,

Refereeing Director, JUA

File : Report of JUA Refereeing Seminar - Korea

File : Report of JUA Refereeing Seminar - Uzbekistan