6th Asian Kata Judo Championships 2017 and Judge Seminar and Exam. Bangkok

The President / General Secretary,
Member Judo Associations / Federations,
Judo Union of Asia

Dear Friends,

I would like to inform you the JUA Kata Judges Seminar, Examination & Asian Kata Judo Championships 2017 will be held from 22nd to 27th November 2017 at Bangkok, Thailand.

The schedule of the events is as under:

Wed.: 22 Nov 2017 :      - Arrival of JUA Officials and Judges

Thu.: 23 Nov 2017 :       -  Judge's Seminar

Fri.:  24 Nov 2017 :        - Judge's Seminar
-  Arrival of delegations

Sat.:  25 Nov 2017 :       -  Judge’s Seminar and Examination
-    Manger Meeting & Draw

Sun.:  26 Nov 2017 :      -  Competition

Mon.:  27 Nov 2017:      - Departure of the delegations

The Outline of the above Kata events is attached. You are requested to confirm your participation/Entries to the below emails before deadline:

1]         Mr. Mohd. Derakhshan
            JUA Head Education, Coaching & Kata Director
            Email: mderakhshan2000@hotmail.com

2]        Mr. Hassabodin Rojanachiva
            President, Judo Association of Thailand
            Email: hassabodin@hotmail.com

With best regards,
( Mukesh Kumar )
General Secretary, JUA

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