Asian Oceania Senior & Asian Oceania Cadet and Junior Judo Championships in November 2020

Dear Friends,

President JUA, conducted a special EC meeting, on Video Conference, on April 22nd at 1300 hours (Kuwait Time) to discuss the following Agenda points due to the current situation of COVID 19.

The Agenda points discussed in the meeting are as under :

1. Update and development/postponement of JUA Championships.

2. Development of Judo in Asia.


Mr. Obaid Al Anzi, welcomed all those who were present in the Video Conference. Almost 80 % EC members were present during Video Conference. Mr. Che talked to President over Mobile and discussed during conference(due to Network Problem).

President JUA explained that due to the problem of COVID 19, it is almost impossible to conduct JUA Events as scheduled.  He asked the Gen. Secretary, Mongolia Judo Federation to suggest the months for organising the Senior Asian Oceania Judo Event in Mongolia.  He suggested that the event can be organised in October/Nov. 2020.

All members discussed this issue and give their suggestions.  Mr. Arman suggested that due to many  IJF Events in Oct. it is better to conduct it in Nov. 2020

President JUA  suggested to organise the  Asian  Oceania Judo Championships, 2020, Mongolia in the first week of November 2020, and the Asian Oceania Cadet and Junior Judo Championships, Macau in the last week of November 2020.  

All EC members agreed with the proposal of the President, JUA.

Mr. Che, informed that he is planning to organise the Asian Oceania Cadet and Junior Judo Championships, Macau on 26-29 Nov. 2020.

Mr. Derakshan requested the President to conduct such meetings more frequently.  Mr. Deepak and Mr. Baker, and Mr. David also appreciated the efforts.

Mr.Che said very soon he is going to organise Sports Seminar and Exams, on line (through Internet).

Mr. Derakshan also requested to conduct JUA Education Seminars.

President, JUA appreciated the information being shared on Whats app in JUA EC Group. He also requested to provide more information of Judo Events/News for JUA Website.

The meeting ended with thanks to President, JUA.


Mukesh Kumar

Gen. Secretary, JUA

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