Kyrgyzstan organized Technical Course for Coaches

Kyrgyzstan hosts a Technical Course for Coaches 11th September 2011.

Vladimir ELCHANINOV, a 6th Dan IJF expert from Russia, conducted the coaching activity held from 1st - 6th September 2011. Forty-three coaches have taken part to a technical course organized in the city of Bishkek.The training session conciliated theoretical and practical teaching contents.

The program of this funded Olympic Solidarity course focused on the following training aspects:


-methodology, techniques and tactical education judo

-Control of intensity and loads in judo learning


-Judo master class techniques

-Kume Kata (grips and attacks, gripping strategies, developing grip strength)

-Biomechanics and judo exercises

Mr ELCHANINOV declared that the participants were very eager to learn and practise judo techniques. The high number of participants coming from different clubs is very positive .The trained coaches will, for granted, relay the knowledge and experience they acquired during the coaching course.

A the end of the course certificates were distributed to all the participants. The expert was very grateful to the Olympic Committee and the National Judo Federation for all the assistance and facilities they provided to make this course a great success.

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