Article 2 – Aims


The aims and objects of the JUA shall be:


2.1 To organize the Judo movement throughout Asia.


2.2    To promote the spread and development of the spirit and technique of the Judo, which was created by Professor Jigoro Kano among member organizations of the JUA, and to protect the interest of Judo in Asia.


2.3    To promote friendly and cordial relationships between member organizations of the JUA and to supervise Judo activities in Asia.


2.4    To organize and conduct the Asian Judo Championships within the Asian continent and around the continent in partnership with other Continental Judo Unions and also any judo events held as part of the Asian Games.


2.5    To establish regulations relating to the organization and administration of the Judo activities in Asia such as Sports Organization, Refereeing, Education/coaching and Kata.


 Article 3 - Structure


3.1 Composition of the JUA
The JUA is composed of the Member National Federations.
3.2 Status of Members

The Statutes and Regulations of Member National Federations must be in compliance with the JUA & IJF Statutes and all other Regulations and Decisions of the JUA & IJF.
The Statutes and Regulations of the JUA will be  in compliance with the IJF model Statutes and the By-laws.
The IJF will be informed of the dates and places of congress held by the JUA    one-hundred and eighty (180) days prior to the date such congress is held.

3.3 Auditing of the use of funds
JUA or National Federation which receives IJF funds may be audited by the IJF as regards the use of these funds. For this purpose, their accounts shall be sent to the General Treasurer each year and must be available at all times to the auditors appointed by the IJF.

3.4 Remittal of Awards
JUA and/or National Federations which organize a competition for which prize money or an award will be given, must file a declaration with the IJF regarding the origin of the funds allowing such prize money or award to be remitted and must further accept to allow the IJF to verify the truthfulness of such declaration.

3.5 Communication of Information
The JUA shall communicate to the IJF:  the agenda and the minutes of their ordinary and extraordinary congresses.
The JUA shall submit an annual report on all activities and the development of Judo on their continents to the IJF.  This report must indicate the number of judokas and clubs per federation, the number of black belts and an analysis of media attention paid to judo.


Article 4 - Membership


4.1 Application for membership
Only one Federation per Country or Autonomours territory  may become a member of the JUA.
To apply for membership in the JUA, a National Federation must:
- be recognized by its National Olympic Committee (NOC), which itself is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) or Olympic Council of Asia (OCA),
- have a minimum of twenty (20) licensed members,
- organize an annual national judo championship at least for the Senior or Junior categories.

4.2 Procedure
Any National Federation which would like to join the JUA must apply for membership in writing with the JUA General Secretary.
The statutes of the National Federation must mandatorily be attached to the membership application and must absolutely provide that this National Federation agrees to comply with the Statutes and all regulations and decisions of the JUA.
An opinion from the JUA to which this Federation belongs, giving reasons for its opinion, must also be sent in with the membership application for further membership of the IJF.

4.3 Voting Rights
National Federations shall be given JUA membership at the time of the JUA Congress called to ratify the membership of those Federations which have applied, but such Federations shall not have voting rights until the next Congress is convened.

4.4 Defense of Federations 
The JUA will cooperate with IJF to defend Member Federations from all attacks against democratic processes they may suffer in the area of elections held by Member Federations and their participation in competitions.


Article 5 - Participation in Competitions and Medical Codes


5.1 Athletes\' right to participate
To be eligible to participate in the Olympic Games, World Championships, Continental Championships, International Competitions and Competitions held under the supervision of or recognized by the IJF and JUA, a judoka must comply with rules of the JUA, IJF and the IOC.

5.2 Antidoping
The JUA will cooperate with IJF  and shall comply with Olympic Movement Medical Code and the World Antidoping Code.

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