The participating member federations must submit the first entries (number of competitors) 3 months before the date of competition and the final entry (stating names, weight categories, placing at Olympic Games and World Judo Championships) 1 month before the date of competition.

The member federations will be allowed by way of exception, to replace before the last check of the entries, one or several competitors by one or other competitors, but in the same categories. 

Application to hold Asian Judo Championships 
7.  Any national federation which is a proper member of the JUA may apply to hold an Asian Judo Championships. The application must be submitted to the JUA Secretariat in writing 3 months before the JUA Congress where site of the next championships is decided.

8.  The organizing federation, in the person of the president of that federation, shall be responsible to the JUA for strict adherence to the JUA Statutes, the IJF Refereeing Rules as well as the good and proper conduct of the Asian Judo Championships.

9.  After Asian Judo Championships have been allocated the organizing federation shall deposit with the JUA a guarantee sum US$5,000._ dollar for Asian Judo Championships. This sum shall be returned by the JUA to the organizing federation immediately after the said Championships are terminated. Should the Championships be cancelled by the organizing federation without justified reason approved by DC meeting, all of the deposit will be forfeited to the JUA for the payment of costs incurred. In case the costs exceed the deposit (US$5,000) they must be claimed from the national federation.  

Obligations of the JUA 
10.  The JUA is responsible to the organizing federation for assistance, consultation and advising.

11.  The JUA has to decide on the referees to be nominated at least 3 months prior to the Asian Judo Championships.

12.  The JUA Secretariat has to send to all member federations at least 6 months prior to the Asian Judo Championships official invitation, program, general comments on the organization, the regulations and the entry forms shall be sent at least 3months prior to the Championships.

13.  The JUA shall determine the number and kinds of meetings, the conditions required for these and the officials attending them at least 3 months prior to the Championships.

14.  The General Treasurer of the JUA must inform member federations which on grounds of omission of payment of fees and other Congress decisions are not eligible for participation in the Asian Judo Championships must also be informed by General Secretary to respective member federations at least 3 months before the date of their holding.  

Obligations to be undertaken by the Organizing Judo Federation 
15.  The national federation staging these Asian Judo Championships acts on the orders of the JUA and shall be responsible for the proper preparation. It shall guarantee all necessary material and personnel conditions in accordance with this code.

16.  When staging these championships the organizing national federation shall also host the regular:

  • JUA Congress (in odd numbered year)
  • Meeting of the JUA Directing Committee
  • Meeting of the JUA Technical Committee

17.  The organizing federation shall take all necessary measures for creating the conditions for anti-doping control and gender control for ensuring that the samples are analyzed at an internationally authorized laboratory. The expenses shall be borne by the organizing federation.

18.  The organizing federation must guarantee via the responsible authority of the host country that the JUA officials, the officials of the national federations and the competitors wishing to take part in the Asian Judo Championships will be given permission to enter its territory.

19.  The organizing federation of the Asian Judo Championships shall work out on the basis of the IJF SOR and this code a detailed program containing all schedule (activities, date and site) which are in any way connected with the Asian Judo Championships to be organized. This program must be submitted to the JUA Secretariat at least 6 months before the date of the Asian Judo Championships.

20.  The organizing federation shall communicate to the national federations the conditions for accommodation and food 6 months before the date of the Asian Judo Championships. The offer should contain several categories in order to meet all wishes of the national federations, these conditions must be of a decent level.

21.  The organizing federation shall issue an ID card for all members of the JUA officials, the officials of member national federations and competitors.

22.  The organizing federation shall bear the following costs:

  • JUA officials and referees (accommodation and food)
  • Cost for holding meetings (Congress, Directing Committee Meeting, Technical Committee Meeting, Referees Meeting, Meeting of representatives and Draw)
  • Cost for competition hall
  • Other expenses for the management 
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