Country : South Korea

President : KIM Jin-Do

Address : Rm.504, Olympic Center 88 Oryun-Dong 138-749 Songpa-Gu, Seoul 138749

Phone : +82 2 422 0581

Fax : 82+2+420-4995

Email : judo@sports.or.kr

I. History of Judo in Korea

1. Origin :There are two main theories concerning the origin of Korean Judo. One theory is that Judo was developed as part of Korean traditional martial arts, the other that it was introduced by the Japanese. Judo was introduced to Korea by Japan in 1907. As Judo began to attract the attention of policemen, government officials and various athletes in the 1920's, it also became a popular sport for the public. In the 1930s, Korean Judo athletes attended a Judo event hosted by Japan and finished with successful results, escalating the popularity of the sport in Korea.

2. Founding :The Chosun Judo Association was created after the independence of Korea from Japanese Colonialism in October 1945. In 1950, the Chosun Judo Association merged with the Korean Yeonmookwan and changed its name to the Korean Judo Association.

3. Membership of the JUA and IJF In 1956, the Korea Judo Association joined the Judo Union of Asia during its year of inception. Also, in the same year, the Korea Judo Association became a member of the International Judo Federation.
Judo in Korea

II. The Structure of the Korea Judo Association

A. Congress
The Sovereign Authority of the Korean Judo Association consists of 15 Provincial Judo Associations, University Judo Association, and Junior & Senior High School Judo Association. Though the Ordinary Congress is held only once every year, an Extra-Ordinary Congress may be convened, depending on the degree of importance of a proposal. Each members' office term is for four years.

B. Executive Committee
The Executive Committee members are composed of 38 members including the President, Vice President and Commission members. The Executive Committee meetings are held at least 3 to 4 times a year. The subcommittee is composed of the Referee, Education and Sports Commissions.

C. General Secretariat
Consists of 7 staff members including the General Secretary.

1. Practicing Judo Members: 400,000
(the number of Dan holders is about 260,000)
Process for obtaining a higher Dan: Four times a year, Dan Examinations are held. Each contestant must pass both a Practical and Written Examination. Each year about 12,000 people pass the Dan Examination.

2. Judo Competitors (Registered & Active ):
There are about 4,080 registered judo competitors (Men: 3,212, Women: 868)

3. Status of Judo Club
There are about 600 Private Judo clubs and 400 School Judo clubs.


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