Beirut Explosion

Dear all,


“After the destructive explosion that leveled parts of Beirut , killing at least 200 people, injuring more than 5000 resulting with 300,000 displaced families and 100 people missing.



The Lebanese Judo Federation was also affected. Our Executive Board Member & Head of the Technical Committee, Antoine Asbo, and his brother, our Continental Referee Abdo Asbo, were wounded and lost their homes and belongings. Many other Judoka living in Beirut and its suburbs were affected by damages to their properties. Some Judo clubs were destroyed and will need a lot of work to reopen.



The President and the General Secretary of the Lebanese Judo Federation, along with a group of around 50 volunteer Judokas visited the most affected areas on Wednesday; armed with the equipment needed, they laboured to clear away the shattered glass of the broken windows, traipse through the metal frames, move broken furniture, and relocate furniture that was still usable.



Our Judoka were so determined to help, and some of them, who are young children, insisted on doing the heavy lifting.



Our team of volunteers actualized the Judo values by demonstrating their courage, friendship, modesty and courtesy. They delivered the Judo for Peace message, standing side by side with their affected brothers and sisters from Beirut. 


The boys had one question on the way home, “What else can we do to help?”


Best Regards 

Lebanese Judo Federation

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