The 2024 World Championships to be Hosted in Abu Dhabi

The International Judo Federation is pleased to announce that the 2024 edition of the World Judo Championships, the IJF flagship event, will take place in Abu Dhabi in May 2024.

The United Arab Emirates has been an important partner of the IJF for many years, since 2009 saw the first Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Having since become a grand slam, the event has attracted other major international competitions to the country, such as the recent Kata and Veterans World Championships, which took place in October 2023.

This event will be the last major stop on the tour to qualify for the Paris Olympics. It is sure to be a spectacle of incredible performances, excitement and energy as the top athletes from around the world will participate to win and solidify their places at the Games. We are sure to see the highest level of judo and emotions in the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi next year.


We would like to express a special gratitude to the President and the government of the United Arab Emirates for continuous support and attention provided to judo and sport generally. The UAE is a country of innovation and sport.

Together with the UAE Judo Federation we are confident that we will deliver the highest quality event with the biggest media coverage and viewership to keep promoting judo and its values.


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