World Judo Day is Stronger Together

The theme of the 2020 World Judo Day is STRONGER TOGETHER. The occasion will be organised and marked on 28th October, all over the world, to celebrate the values of judo

After the success of the 2019 edition, which saw more than 6,000 trees planted across the five continents, we invite you to save the date on your calendar.

The idea behind the 2020 theme is to show how the written word can be translated into acts to bring our judo community together and show our unity in the face of the global health crisis that we are all experiencing, while also continuing to acknowledge and combat issues such as racism and discrimination which threaten our societies.

’STRONGER TOGETHER’ is a pledge to spread our values when the world needs it most. 

It is true that cautious gestures are necessary to avoid infections. It is true that confinement and isolation are remedies in the absence of a vaccine, but together we are always better and we will always be stronger if we are able to respect one another. 

There are widely used phrases, such as, ‘Union is strength’. However, in some contexts it may not have been demonstrated. It is not a trivial thing, but is a fait accompli, especially in the field of judo; a martial art and Olympic sport whose values are the cornerstone of our coexistence and the wall that protects our civilisation.

We know it, because we have demonstrated it across 3 different centuries. Therefore, because we need our neighbour, we will celebrate this day all together as we have been doing since 2011. Together we are stronger.

In the upcoming weeks, more ideas and guidance to assist with organising the event at the level of every single national federation and even locally, will be released. More information at: http://www.worldjudoday.com/en/WorldJudoDay-3.html

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