Country : Mongolia

President : KHALTMAA Battulga

Address : Sukhbaatar district 8th khoroo, sports center, room 105 210648 Ulaanbaatar 210648

Phone : (976) 99090122

Fax : (976-11) 326883

Email : judomongol@hotmail.com

General Secretary: Mr. TSERENPUNTSAG Tsedendamba

Judo in Mongolia

Initially, judo sport was introduced in Mongolia by students, who studied and practiced judo in former Soviet Union, East Germany and Czechoslovakia in early 60-ies. In January 1971, by the order of the National Sport Committee, judo was recognized and registered as an official sport in Mongolia, and first judo clubs were established. In 1972, the Mongolian Judo Association joined the JUA and IJF. At the same year, the Mongolian government collected the best athletes and set up the National team, which successfully participated to the Munich-72 Olympic Games.

Currently, there are 3000 athletes and joiners, among which 480 children, 240 adults actively practice judo and participate to national competitions. 14 clubs specialize on judo and have 5 international standard dojo. Every year the MJA organizes 5-8 competitions on a national level including the National Championships (Mature, Junior and Cadet), Association Cup, Ts. DAMDIN’s Cup, etc. The Structure of MJA
The Mongolian Judo Association consist of 14 judo clubs and 21 provincial sport centres. Once in four years MJA calls for its Congress. Delegates of the Congress, which are appointed by national clubs-members of the Association, are authorized to elect the President, General Secretary, Members of the Executive Board and Auditing Commission of the Association, as well as to amend the Statue of this organization.

Executive Board of the Association
Name Position Current Occupation

1. Col. BAT-ERDENE Badmaanaymbuu President Director, AVARGA College
2. BAASANJAV Tsedendeberel Honoured President Member of the Mongolian Parliament
3. GANHUYAG Davaajav Vice President General Director, “BRIDGE GROUP” Company
4. TSERENPUNTSAG Tsedendamba General Secretary MJA General Secretary
5. BAT-ERDENE Dashdemberel Member General Director, “AJNAI” Company
6. BATBAYAR Dumaajav Member General Director, “OI MOD” Company
7. BALJINNYAM Odvog Member Director, “ALDAR” sport club
8. DAMDIN Tsend Member General Secretary, National Olympic Committee
9. DAVAATSEREN Tserevsamba Member General Director, “DARKHAN STEEL” Factory
10. JARGALSAIKHAN Sodnom Member General Director, “NOMUN INTERTRADE” Company
11. NASANTOGTOKH Chimidbazar Member Head Coach, National Judo team
12. NERGUI Shagdarsuren Member General Director, “NEW JUULCHIN” Company
13. TEMUUJIN Erdene Member Financial Advisor, UNDP Project

International Referees
Name Year Status

1. DAMDIN Tsend 1991 International A class
2. BAT-ERDENE Badmaanaymbuu 1998 Continental A class
3. BATTULGA Dashgombo 1999 Continental A class
4. ENKHTUVSHIN Damdin 2000 Continental A class
5. UUGANBAATAR Baasanjav 2003 Continental A class

National Referees Only the MJA has an authority to issue national referee licenses to referees. These license holders can serve as a referee for national tournaments and apply for an international/continental referee position. In order to improve the quality of referees and coaches, the training courses are held four times every year. MJA has a special agreement for cooperation with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and under this arrangement we receive well-qualified and experienced coaches from Japan on a permanent basis.

The best results of Mongolian athletes
Name Tournament Year Medal

1. DAMDIN Tsend Olympic Games 1980 Silver
2. DAVAADALAI Ravdan Olympic Games 1980 Bronze
3. NARMANDAKH Dorjpalam Olympic Games 1996 Bronze
4. BALJINNYAM Odvog World Championships 1989 Bronze
5. BATTULGA Dashgombo World Championships 1989 Bronze
6. NYAMLHAGVA Purevdorj World Army Championships 1998 Gold
7. BOLDBAATAR Haliun World Univercidad Games 1998 Gold
8. ERDENET-OD Hashbat Asian Games 1998 Gold
9. BOLDBAATAR Haliun Asian Games 1998 Gold
10. NARMANDAKH Dorjpalam Asian Championships 1996 Gold
11. ERDENET-OD Hashbat Asian Championships 2001 Gold
12. NYAMKHUU Damdinsuren Asian Championships 2003 Gold
13. TSAGAANBAATAR Hashbaatar Asian Championships 2003 Gold

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